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Established in 2008, Our commitment is to put our clients first by attracting and retaining the highest quality and effective employees possible for seat-leasing services. We do business your way.

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Formula Call Center Philippines

We offer a fundamentally unique approach to call center services. Rather than hiring a pool of employees, you lease a seat with a dedicated employee. This adds unparalleled transparency and accountability to the call center experience. You can interview and select that employee, and even offer training to ensure that your business message is clear and on point.

We do business your way.

seat lease strategy

Seat lease allows Formula Call Center to attract and retain higher quality employees. We feel that acquiring good employees and providing benefits and pay unique to the industry will yield better results for you, our client.

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Our formula basically allows you, our client, to operate a business segment through the Philippines, and we take care of all applicable legal, pay, healthcare and tax issues. All for a simple set cost of a seat lease. Formula Call Center Philippines keeps all client data confidential. Talk to us to begin receiving unparalleled call center services.


years of seat-leasing services


security assurance and data privacy



$5 - $15


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